Seasonal Ingredients

  Spring-March, April, May Summer- June, July, August Autumn- September, October, November Winter- December, January, February
Vegetables Asparagus Aubergine Beetroot Beetroot
  Cauliflower Beetroot Carrot Brussels Sprouts
  Cucumber Broad Beans Celeriac Cabbage
  Jersey Royal Broccoli Fennel Celeriac
  New Potatoes Carrots Field Mushroom Chicory
  Purple Sprouting Broccoli Courgettes Kale Fennel
  Radishes Cucumber Leeks Potatoes
  Savoy Cabbage Fennel Lettuce Kale
  Sorrell Fresh Peas Marrow Leeks
  Spinach Garlic Potatoes Parsnips
  Spring Greens Green Beans Pumpkin Jerusalem Artichoke
  Spring Onion Lettuce and Salad Leaves Rocket Red Cabbage
  Watercress New Potatoes Sorrel Swede
    Radishes Squashes Turnips
    Rocket Sweetcorn  
    Runner Beans Tomatoes  
    Salad Onions Watecress  
Fruit Rhubarb Blueberries Apples Apples
    Currants – Black, White and Red Blackberries Pears
    Elderflowers Damsons  
    Greengages Elderberries  
    Loganberries Pears  
    Plums Plums  
    Raspberries Quince  
    Strawberries Sloes  

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