Quick Smoked Salmon Salad /

I always avoid gaining weight during Christmas holidays, and then January and February roll around, and by the end of them I’m rotund enough to roll through March. I think I’m hyper aware of how easy it is go gain weight over Christmas – mostly because the media pushes down your throat how you’re going to need a gym membership and a detox plan by January – so I tend to just pig out over the eve-christmas-boxing day trio which doesn’t cause too much damage. But January and February are so cold and long, all you want to do in your spare time is sit around in your pyjamas watching films while eating cakes and pies. It doesn’t help that I recently had a birthday where I overindulged to the max: – my gorgeous boyfriend made me an amazing tiramisu cake which I ate over the course of two days!  I recently started following a plethora of sexy healthy Instagram chefs to try and motivate myself into some healthier eating. It has worked to some extent, though last night I woke up in the middle of the night craving toast! Here is a mega quick, easy salad which distracted me from such thoughts. Bonus points for artistic arranging!

Quick Smoked Salmon Salad

-Cos lettuce
– Red onion
-Smoked Salmon

Add half a cap of olive oil to a generous squeeze of lemon, and a dash of cider vinegar

March 30, 2014

Hiatus / Spaghetti Omelette / Poor Man’s Carbonara

I haven’t posted in a while.

I have gone on somewhat of a hiatus, I’m sorry. I’m back, but I’d like to explain my absence first. When maintaining a blog sometimes it gets hard to keep morale high! Writing on a subject takes an element of being a voice of authority and after a while you begin to wonder if you can really call yourself such. Furthermore, I started this blog with a clear image of what I wanted it to look like in my mind, and for a while I managed to maintain it, but as the weather grew colder it began to became harder to capture the food in a natural light, which meant that at times it ended up looking like a beige-y mush. Finally, keeping a blog feels like shouting in to the abyss, and when you’re competing against brilliantly done blogs, with perfect photography and writing, its hard not to get a little disheartened sometimes. But, my love of eating and writing means that I’ve come back to push you into thinking about your dinner! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE FOR DIN DINS?

Despite having just had a moan about how hard it is to capture food in a flattering light, my first-post-back is going to be distinctly beige – spaghetti omelette 
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March 25, 2014

White chilli with turkey and coriander, tortilla chips

December 20, 2013

Waffles bacon strawberries syrup

December 15, 2013

Sunday Brunch

Maluca Brasserie in Hoylake
From the top: flower arrangement / orange juice, Alhambra beer / eggs royale, eggs benedict

Quesadilla / Coca-cola Pork belly quesadilla with guacamole, salsa, greek salad and pineapple

 tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done
Pork belly quesadilla with guacamole, salsa, greek salad and pineapple

Chances are, if I’ve cooked for you when you’ve been a bit worse for wear, I’ve probably cooked you a quesadilla. Tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done. Tonight I stepped up my quesadilla GAME, and substituted salsa for coca-cola pork belly. Before I get in to it, a super quick and easy Vegetarian version of this recipe is tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done. For the rest, this is a bit of a lazy Saturday recipe, not all to much effort for a lot of satisfaction, but quite a few steps. I shoved a greek salad in randomly because a Mexican (Amigos, Sheffield) restaurant I used to frequent serves it on the side.

Coca-cola pork (per 2lb Pork belly, serves 4)
(Adapted from this recipe)

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November 14, 2013

So you’ve got some leftover pumpkin from Halloween? / Thai PumpkinSoup / Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Some serious pumpkin art
I LIVED IN THAILAND BROS. Now I’m officially sick of Thai food. Jokes. I’ll do a big Thai binge once every couple of weeks, and then indulge in gravy laden British food. I’m always interested in recipes which marry the sweet legume flavours of the US with the spicy sour flavours of the far East. When my friend Katie posted pictures of her Thai Pumpkin soup on Facebook I had to ask for the recipe.

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November 13, 2013

The Dome / Edinburgh


Starter: haggis wrapped in filo pastry with whiskey cream

Main: lamb with broad beans, shallots, potatoes and a red currant jus
Desert: mango and passionfruit bavarois

November 11, 2013

Mandaaaaa / Parmesan lemon spaghetti

Boss that

This Halloween weekend I’ve been in Scotland babysitting. I’ve dodged the soul crushing hangover, and I’ve spent most of today eating smoked salmon and cake in what was the end of the wedding celebration that I was babysitting for. Tonight while you were scrubbing off your glittery face paint in preparation for work tomorrow, I lazed by a fire and my sister whipped me up this spaghetti.

-Grated parmesan
-Lemon juice
-Lemon zest
-Olive oil
-Salt and pepper to taste

I didn’t even ask my darling sister the method. Or even if I have her permission to post this. Thanks Amanda! Boil your spaghetti, drain and stir in the ingredients I’d imagine.

So good that you’ll only have time to selfie rather than photo it directly. Or your phone was out of battery. Whatever. Shut up.

Hahaha look how f***ing tidy I am at eating. Just look at that light shining on me like a rainbow shining over my crazy jiggly pasta
November 3, 2013

For lols / Reduced aisle rocks OK

GRANNY SCRUM AT THE REDUCED AISLE AT MORRISONS. Couldn’t get in even edge ways..

October 27, 2013