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I’m sorry if you have found our conversation a bit STILTONED

Sorry for the pause in conversation these past few months. I had some issues with my old host, and then managed to delete all of my posts off here, so had to go through and find all of them again and find the pictures, and some new material I had written out got lost which was like BAW. Excuses excuses I know, I’m apologise, I will try to be better.

Recently I found myself with a surplus of Stilton. It has been almost fully demolished, no mean feat considering I am the only lover in my current household. I thought I would share with you these recipes for lovers and haters alike. The small amount I have left is residing in my freezer, apparently Stilton is the one of the best cheeses to freeze.

stilton in oven

1. Delia’s Stilton Welsh Rarebit

This super recipe convinced even the Stilton-haters! I think the other ingredients kind of mask it and make it seem more like a strong cheddar toastie. 




2. Pear Walnut Sage & Stilton Tart

I was inspired to make this after having it at a friend’s house. I blindly followed the recipe, without really paying attention to what I was doing. My friend’s tart (ahem) was quite a thin affair, whereas this recipe is fairly thick, voluptuous and dense. Not for the Stilton shy as there is a fair whack of the cheese in it. I also made the pastry by hand rather than in a blender and it came out so beautifully. It was kind of an ache though, and the fact it was so nice could be down to the recipe, rather than the extra effort. 

Photo 12-02-2015 20 16 38

Photo 12-02-2015 20 19 47

Pie went a bit mad with making pies…

In other reading…
I came across a really great article the other day about a food lover’s review of all of the eating scenes in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It is by far the best article I have read about the Grey empire. I also loved it because so often when food appears on TV or movies..or anywhere, everything else just becomes white noise to me.

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