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The Lurch Spirali Vegetable Spiralizer / GET SOME COODLES

Coodle that noodle!

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I’m always looking for healthy alternatives, and while some just make one mourn for the real thing, others can work fantastically well. When I read about Lurch’s Spirali I was immediately interested. It is an appliance with various attachments which you can use to either make thin or vegetable noodles, as well as ultra-thin slices. I am generally more bothered by pasta sauce than the actual main event, so Coodles (courgette noodles) seemed to me the perfect compromise.

As you may have already gleaned, I love reading reviews online. My particular favourites are the ones obviously written very late at night, sans proof reading that are full of rage. Sure enough, well buried under the masses of raving reviews there were a few extremely negative comments: – “DO NOT BUY, THIS PUT ME IN HOSPITAL! I SLICED MY WHOLE HANDS OFF!” “SO DIFFICULT TO USE I COULD BARELY USE IT”*

Obviously I had to see what all of the fuss was about. I ordered mine off Amazon, you can find it here.

I started off with good intentions – a nice feta and oven roasted cherry tomato combination ala The Londoner. Very healthy and full of vegetables. I didn’t read the manual and managed to create the noodles on the second attempt – I recommend chopping the stem and the bottom off your veg so that you can insert it at a straight angle. After the damning indictment of the reviews, I was expecting it to be much more difficult to handle than it was – in fact it is really very straightforward to use.

The first time I made the Coodles, I liked the recipe well enough, but found the cold courgettes a bit too raw-food-diet for my liking, and so the second time round heated them through in a pan. I much preferred the coodles this way – a lot less hard work to chew and more akin to actual spaghetti. This however could be down to personal preference, the cold version is probably really delicious in summer when the weather is hot (any day now!).

As soon as I got the hang of how to use the Spiralizer, no fruit or veg in my kitchen was safe – in went a whole apple with excellent results. When it occurred to me that I could make homemade pomme frites with minimal effort, any fantasies of healthy compromising went out of the window.


So delicious, so dangerous

Underneath the Spiralizer there is secure storage space for the two blade options that are not in use, as well as little sucker pads underneath each leg, which minimizes the chances of chopping off your whole hand – just be careful people, don’t get ridiculous with it and I’m sure you can avoid getting hurt! Plus its very easy to clean, all of the moving parts slide out easily. I love the way it looks too, and the colours are complimentary to a range of kitchen colour schemes.

I’ve started buying them for everyone I know. One of my friends got married, and she is in to her veggies so I bought her one as a wedding present.

She has tried one of the small hand held ones, and says the Lurch Spiralizer works a lot better. Which brings me to my next plus point – the price. I think its terrific value for money, and I think it would be even more so for those who are gluten free.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 21.11.24

Very well received

All in all, an excellent product!




*Only exaggerating slightly

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