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So you’ve got some leftover pumpkin from Halloween? / Thai PumpkinSoup / Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Some serious pumpkin art
I LIVED IN THAILAND BROS. Now I’m officially sick of Thai food. Jokes. I’ll do a big Thai binge once every couple of weeks, and then indulge in gravy laden British food. I’m always interested in recipes which marry the sweet legume flavours of the US with the spicy sour flavours of the far East. When my friend Katie posted pictures of her Thai Pumpkin soup on Facebook I had to ask for the recipe.

Set aside the seeds and coat in oil, salt, cajun spices (or your favourite flavours and oil) for an extra snack/garnish.
Cut up the pumpkin and pop in a roasting tin
Keep the seeds!
Coat the seeds in oil, salt, cajun spices, pepper and put in the oven at the same time as the pumpkin
I cut up the chillies and removed the seeds with plastic bags protecting my hands to avoid chilli burn
Soup ingredients
Fry ’em up
Remove that skin
Fry it up
Blend and return to the pan to heat
No better photograph exists because I wolfed these bad boys before I could arrange them attractively in a bowl

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