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I ATE ALL THE CAKE AND NOW I FEEL SICK / Fish Salad With Roasted Salsa


After a very over indulgent weekend, its time to coax myself back on to the salad. Cakes, potatoes gratin, chilli cheese fries, steak, chocolate, sausage rolls … &tc. should be consumed every day without consequence, but I have not the motivation to exercise enough to justify eating it all day every day. HOWEVER I always forget that salad can be amazing if you just use some imagination. People put nuts on salad, fruit… I’m in the mood for fish tonight though so…


I used a Waitrose Mediterranean mixed salad that needed using up. Get some sort of mixed bag from some place, key words Mediterranean, red frilly lettuce, rocket, baby spinach. I also used Edamame beans, but only because the bad boys were reduced to 25p, for Godsake don’t spend £2 on them.

-Red and yellow pepper
-Whatever you please, you know what jazz you like
-Edamame beans

So much love for the reduced isle

Roasted Salsa (per 1 serving)
-2 tomatoes
-1 garlic
-Squeeze of lemon juice
-olive oil
-1/2 a chilli

I saw this recipe on the comment section of a food blog:
‘To make a mexican salsa, roast a big tomato and some chillis in a pan, when black toss them in to a blender, add a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt’
I’m very FOR vague cooking instructions because everyone’s tastes are different. So, I halved my tomatos, and put them in the pan with olive oil. Twat. I realised as soon as I put the heat on, above commenter meant put ingredients in pan dry, and uncut..because that’s how you roast in a pan. My salsa was pretty banging though so I’m not too bothered:

1. De-seed chilli, slice into large chunks, slice tomatos in half.
2. Put in pan with olive oil and roast until a bit burnt looking
3. Blend in a food processor or blender with the garlic and lemon juice

This smelt so good I wanted to put my face in it

Fish Fish FISH
W/e white fish. I picked sea bass but any white fish will do.

1. Rinse under cold water
2. Mix together juice of half a lime per fillet, and a tablespoon of olive oil
3. Dip mr fish in
4. Pour marinade on pan and grill mr fish for approx 3 mins on each side, or until golden brown

eating fish

FINALLY – lay your salad ATTRACTIVELY on a plate, put mr fish on top, and then dress with the salsa. BOOM.

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