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WIHFDD FESTIVAL SPECIAL / Glastonbury Gastronomy

I went to Glastonbury this year. It is a holiday of endurance – endless mud that just seems to get everywhere, long drop loos covered in all sorts of unimaginable things, and of course sleeping in a tent. I feel like I need another holiday to recover! Moaning aside, I had an amazing time, and I can see why it’s so popular. There are so many parts of it that I wish I had explored, but I didn’t have time to because it is so vast! As clichéd as it sounds – there really is something for everyone.

In all of the madness I managed to form some coherent opinions on the food I ate there, so I bring to you whatihadfordindins Glastonbury Festival special!


I am generally pretty terrible with my money, and I always end up attending festivals fairly skint. My solution to this problem has always been to load up on as much food as I can carry to take with me. This time round I had a bit of cash and was able buy food as well as survive on my stash. Apples are my favourite festival staple, you can bash them to fuck and they still keep it together, plus eating something healthy provides a welcome interval between all of the debauchery. I also love bringing – I am so middle class its unreal – red wine, brie and a baguette. The cheese and wine improve warm! I rocked up with these staples this time round, and discovered that my camp mates were having a cheese and wine party to kick things off on the first day, and I actually had something to contribute! They were very sensible and had brought the stuff in a cooler, whereas my brie was so melted you could squirt it on to the bread, as it did on all of my clean clothes! Delicious though!


Eating straight from the brie teat

Cheese Burger £5.50
Sometimes with food, if it looks really good, then it is. Unfortunately with Gallops Farm, appearances are very deceiving. Another indicator of a good thing is sometimes a big queue, but again, despite the long line outside Gallops Farm, the food was disappointing to say the least. It totes itself as handmade and organic, which lured me in to thinking it would be quality. Located in the Dairy Field where I was camping, I chose it because it was cheap and convenient. When I tucked in to the cheese burger, it was soon evident that I should have spent the extra couple of quid, and walked further in to the festival. Top Glastonbury tip: avoid the food joints in the campsites, as they tend to be over priced and pretty terrible.

KING if you like condiments

Spicy Chicken & Halloumi Ciabatta £8.00
A couple of my friends I went to Glastonbury with are veterans of the festival, and were excited to show me Ken’s BBQ. I think it says quite a lot about a place when you aren’t disappointed even after serious hype. I had the spicy chicken and halloumi ciabatta. The pita was soft, the halloumi was abundant and the chicken was tender. There are an array of sauces on the side to choose from:- tomato and chilli, red onion chutney, mango and coriander, mint and cucumber and garlic sauce. My personal favourite flavor combination was garlic mayo and mango and coriander. Anything mango seriously rocks my world. As well as the food being tasty, it was easy to eat even whilst negotiating through serious mud. A final word is that the staff were very friendly and nice to us even though we were a bit worse for wear!

Three Bean Chili with nachos £7.50
The Greenpeace Café is an excellent all rounder. Breakfasts, coffees and a selection of different hot and cold foods, all vegetarian of course. I maintain that a good rule of thumb is that if a café offers flat white on their coffee menu, then it is likely that their coffee is decent. Sure enough we had barista quality coffee from there whilst we waited for the free showers – they even styled a heart in mine, and a fern in my boyfriend’s as requested. For lunch I had the three bean chili with nachos, and it came with all the trimmings – guacamole, salsa, jalapeños and generous amounts of cheese and sour cream. It was delicious; impressed my meat loving companion, and it took us both two tries to finish our portions.


LA GRAND BOUFFE (the big nosh)
Le Super Royale £8
5/5 (My personal favourite)
And very grand it was! I tried Le Super Royale on the Sunday. My boyfriend had brought four tins of sausages and hoops, and we had tried cooking them on his brother’s camping stove. A layer of spaghetti had burnt on to the bottom, forming a crust, and the top tasted like petrol. The boys persevered through, but I gave up and had an apple instead. You can imagine how grateful I was to make it to Le Grand Bouffe for dinner! The Super Royale was extremely satisfying. A generous portion of tartieflette (potatoes dauphinoise with bacon lardons), together with a rocket salad, sausage and the all important gravy. Spend a pound or so more, and you get an extra sausage, perhaps worth it because they were excellent – tender and tangy. Although the tartieflette wasn’t as rich and creamy as homemade, it provided much needed stodge and sustenance to the meal, as well as the rocket salad that finished off the plate nicely. I found it to be very reasonably priced considering I wasn’t able to finish a whole portion alone, and for me it was a firm Glastonbury favourite.


Glastonbury Garlic Guzzler £7.50
Apparently every year the layout at Glastonbury changes ever so subtly. When my boyfriend and his best friend returned to the spot that previously held their favourite glasto gastro fare, they discovered it was no longer there. We tried finding it, but reached the conclusion it wasn’t at the festival. A few days later when we went to see George Ezra we found ourselves outside the John Peel tent, and there it was – Arnolds Alfresco in all its glory. Minutes before we had finished our burnt-hoops-breakfast so we got one and split it in three. The boys were ecstatic! Reunited with their Glastonbury fave! I think I need another try on it when I’m hungrier, because I didn’t feel the love. It tasted like a fairly ordinary burger with some solid salad and a helping of garlic sauce to me! Though another friend had the Rio burger, and that looked epic.

I stopped off here to grab something quick before catching a band, and had one of their festival doughnuts because they looked great. The lady behind the counter described them as ‘ like deep fried scones’ – which was a very apt description. I also tried some of the curried goat, which was very tasty, reasonably priced and a decent sized portion.

I never braved the queue to try a Fowler’s Growler, though I did pause to take a photo of their truck. You have to admire their marketing skills – they manage to charge a fiver for a chip filled baguette!

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