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Quesadilla / Coca-cola Pork belly quesadilla with guacamole, salsa, greek salad and pineapple

 tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done
Pork belly quesadilla with guacamole, salsa, greek salad and pineapple

Chances are, if I’ve cooked for you when you’ve been a bit worse for wear, I’ve probably cooked you a quesadilla. Tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done. Tonight I stepped up my quesadilla GAME, and substituted salsa for coca-cola pork belly. Before I get in to it, a super quick and easy Vegetarian version of this recipe is tortilla salsa cheese tortilla frying pan flip done. For the rest, this is a bit of a lazy Saturday recipe, not all to much effort for a lot of satisfaction, but quite a few steps. I shoved a greek salad in randomly because a Mexican (Amigos, Sheffield) restaurant I used to frequent serves it on the side.

Coca-cola pork (per 2lb Pork belly, serves 4)
(Adapted from this recipe)


Coca-cola (cheapest will do)
Cinnamon Stick

250g Soft brown Sugar
150ml Balsamic vinegar
300ml Water
2 Cinnamon sticks
100ml Ketchup
100ml HP sauce
50ml Whiskey

1. Submerge the pork belly in coca-cola and bring to the boil. Add a cinnamon stick.
2. Transfer to oven for 2 1/2 hours.
3. Make sauce on the saucepan, taste throughout, cook until a syrupy texture.
4. Take the belly pork out of the oven, and cover sauce, wrap in cling film. Or if you have it, put in a ziplock bag – to quote Epic Meal Time, if you don’t marinade your meat in a ziplock bag YOU THINK TOO HIGHLY OF YOURSELF. Marinade for 3 hours.


5. Grill/BBQ if you have one. We cooked on a grill pan, using another pan as a pretend lid. Baste constantly using the sauce turning over the belly so its cooked all over, save some if possible to add to the pork later. 15 minutes.

Onion, garlic, lime juice – starting point for both guac and salsa.

Red Onion
Lime juice
Olive oil

Chopped cherry tomatos (I used red and orange)

Red Onion
Lime juice

Greek Salad

Just to pretend your getting 1 of your 5 a day in

Feta/salad cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

Tortillas (allow at least 2 per person, we had 2 1/2 each), Cheese.

Optional Extras

1. Get all of the above prepared and ready.
2. Spoon bbq sauce on to a flat tortilla and use back to spread, add pork and cheese, add another tortilla on top. Repeat until you’ve made them all up

3. Heat a frying pan or griddle and place a sandwich on top. Flip. Keep your warm stack in the oven.

4. Cut in to quarters

Garnish all your plate up, divide the quarters.

So worth it

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