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Mandaaaaa / Parmesan lemon spaghetti

Boss that

This Halloween weekend I’ve been in Scotland babysitting. I’ve dodged the soul crushing hangover, and I’ve spent most of today eating smoked salmon and cake in what was the end of the wedding celebration that I was babysitting for. Tonight while you were scrubbing off your glittery face paint in preparation for work tomorrow, I lazed by a fire and my sister whipped me up this spaghetti.

-Grated parmesan
-Lemon juice
-Lemon zest
-Olive oil
-Salt and pepper to taste

I didn’t even ask my darling sister the method. Or even if I have her permission to post this. Thanks Amanda! Boil your spaghetti, drain and stir in the ingredients I’d imagine.

So good that you’ll only have time to selfie rather than photo it directly. Or your phone was out of battery. Whatever. Shut up.

Hahaha look how f***ing tidy I am at eating. Just look at that light shining on me like a rainbow shining over my crazy jiggly pasta

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