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Hiatus / Spaghetti Omelette / Poor Man’s Carbonara


I haven’t posted in a while.

I have gone on somewhat of a hiatus, I’m sorry. I’m back, but I’d like to explain my absence first. When maintaining a blog sometimes it gets hard to keep morale high! Writing on a subject takes an element of being a voice of authority and after a while you begin to wonder if you can really call yourself such. Furthermore, I started this blog with a clear image of what I wanted it to look like in my mind, and for a while I managed to maintain it, but as the weather grew colder it began to became harder to capture the food in a natural light, which meant that at times it ended up looking like a beige-y mush. Finally, keeping a blog feels like shouting in to the abyss, and when you’re competing against brilliantly done blogs, with perfect photography and writing, its hard not to get a little disheartened sometimes. But, my love of eating and writing means that I’ve come back to push you into thinking about your dinner! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE FOR DIN DINS?

Despite having just had a moan about how hard it is to capture food in a flattering light, my first-post-back is going to be distinctly beige – spaghetti omelette  The beauty of the spaghetti omelette is that its one of those great tricks to have up your sleeve for when you fancy something a bit stodgy, but you can’t really be bothered to spend too much time shopping or cooking for your dinner. Also, I think its great to go vegetarian at least once a week if you can, and this contains a fair whack of protein so you almost don’t notice that its meat free. If I’m cooking for more than just myself, I have been known to double this recipe, make a massive one that fits the whole frying pan and cut it in half. I’m going to give the basic recipe, but for a healthier alternative add chopped tomatos and olives, plus maybe a tablespoon of pesto to give it a green edge!

Spaghetti Omelette

Ingredients (per 1 serving)
-1 egg
-dried spaghetti (however much you like – the more spaghetti you have the crispier your omelette will be. If you’re a stickler for quantities about 10ps amount is good)
-1 clove garlic chopped
-1 tsp dried mixed herbs
-handfull grated cheese (mature cheddar for the win)
-1 tsp olive oil (or butter for frying)
-pinch salt and pepper

1. First boil your spaghetti to the instructions on the packet. While it is cooking, combine the rest of your ingredients in a bowl.
2. When your spaghetti is cooked, add it to the rest of the ingredients.
3. In a small frying pan, heat your oil and pour the mixture on until it covers the pan evenly distributing the mixture. Turn the heat down and fry like a pancake – when the mixture looks as though it has set, flip it over. Cook until golden brown on both sides.
4. Din dins is SERVED!

Step 1
I used a saucepan on this occasion because it was the only non-stick pan on offer
Just beautiful
At this point, I usually massacre mine with ketchup, but if you want to serve it with a salad or whatever. BOOM!
I’m a savage

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