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Chicken and biscuits


So the countdown to Christmas has begun! I’ve managed to consume two turkey dinners complete with pigs in blanket already.

The weather has gone really cold suddenly, and currently I will use any excuse to avoid leaving the house. When I actually make it out, its layers and layers of leggings and jumpers. Its times like these that call for serious comfort food, and chicken and biscuits is just the ticket. Its kind of like a chicken stew with savoury scones… or an inside out chicken pie.

A bit of chicken and biscuits trivia – I was a vegetarian for 5 years, and chicken and biscuits is finally what broke me. My parents joke that my mum would have made it much sooner if she had known it was my achilles heel.

I used this recipe off Epicurious. It was really fantastic. I didn’t follow it exactly – I had chicken breast already, so used it instead of roast chicken. I threw the breasts in the oven with a slug of oil, lots of salt and pepper, as well as a slug of white wine in the bottom of the pan before starting on the biscuits. When it was done, I took the chicken out of the oven and tore it up, leaving it in biggish chunks. Otherwise, I didn’t put any salt in the recipe because I didn’t have ‘low sodium stock’, but I needn’t have worried because the end result wasn’t overly salty. Epicurious is a predominately American site, so perhaps the average American stock cube is saltier than an English one? One of the steps in the recipe is to divide the scones in to 6, to have 6 big biscuits, but I opted to divide the mixture in to 8, because I’ve always remembered having smaller ones.



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