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WIHFDD goes to AMSTERDAM / Febo is hilarious

Sep 30, 2014 - Autumn, Breakfast, Dinner, Eating out, Lunch, Summer - 0 Comments - Standard

Last weekend it was my boyfriend’s birthday. It was a milestone one, and after a lot of wine we had the clever idea of going to Amsterdam for the weekend. Keen but skint, on looking at last minute flight prices it seemed impossible. I remembered the coach as an option from a way back when […]


Salad Segment / quick cabbage apple salad with chilli garlic grilled prawns

Oct 09, 2013 - Lunch, Summer - 0 Comments - Standard

#GameChanger #Cabbage #Bewareofworms I’m currently living at home, and my parents have these boss little organic fruit/veg boxes delivered to their house every week. I had free rein of the kitchen, and there was a recipe card for this salad. It is SO GOOD. It’s like coleslaw but healthy. I grilled up some prawns in […]


COBB YOUR ENTHUSIASM / Fake Cobb & British Cobb & Stuffed Chicken

Sep 25, 2013 - Dinner, Lunch, Summer - 0 Comments - Standard

OH LARRY! Fake Cobb I first started craving a Cobb when I saw it in Waitrose food magazine. I found myself in Waitrose without a shopping list and ended up with this: -Soft Boiled Egg -Bacon -Mixed Italian lettuce -Tomato -Chedder cheese -Red Onion Then I did it properly….or so I thought… A British take […]


LAZY / Shakshuka (kind of)

Sep 03, 2013 - Dinner, Lunch, Summer - 0 Comments - Standard

I can’t take any credit for thinking this bad boy up at all. I first spotted this recipe on my friend Sophie’s food blog, and ever since have kept it as an ace up my sleeve for lazy dinners.. CLICK CLICK CLICK.. I adjusted it a bit to what I’ve got in. Ingredients-Smoked Salsa (leftover) […]