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Quick Smoked Salmon Salad /

Mar 30, 2014 - Fish, Healthy, Lunch, Spring - 0 Comments - Standard

I always avoid gaining weight during Christmas holidays, and then January and February roll around, and by the end of them I’m rotund enough to roll through March. I think I’m hyper aware of how easy it is go gain weight over Christmas – mostly because the media pushes down your throat how you’re going […]


TREATS / the Kingston arms Cambridge

Sep 06, 2013 - Dinner, Fish, Healthy - 0 Comments - Standard

If you’re in the Cambridge area, I couldn’t recommend this pub enough. I was gutted to finish my meal, and even more gutted that I couldn’t order everything off of the menu and it right then and there. UUGHH SO GOOD. I opted for prawn skewers off their grill menu, which came with coleslaw, tabbouleh, […]


I ATE ALL THE CAKE AND NOW I FEEL SICK / Fish Salad With Roasted Salsa

Sep 03, 2013 - Fish, Healthy - 0 Comments - Standard

After a very over indulgent weekend, its time to coax myself back on to the salad. Cakes, potatoes gratin, chilli cheese fries, steak, chocolate, sausage rolls … &tc. should be consumed every day without consequence, but I have not the motivation to exercise enough to justify eating it all day every day. HOWEVER I always forget that salad can […]