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Rivington / Shoreditch

Nov 23, 2014 - Autumn, Dinner, Eating out, Winter - 0 Comments - Standard

It is always nice to catch up with mum and dad. At the moment it is a rare treat for me, because most of the year they live a quarter-way-around-the -world. When I saw them, we found ourselves in North-East London around brunch-time with an hour to kill. My parents, frequent visitors of Shoreditch chose […]

WIHFDD goes to AMSTERDAM / Febo is hilarious

Sep 30, 2014 - Autumn, Breakfast, Dinner, Eating out, Lunch, Summer - 0 Comments - Standard

Last weekend it was my boyfriend’s birthday. It was a milestone one, and after a lot of wine we had the clever idea of going to Amsterdam for the weekend. Keen but skint, on looking at last minute flight prices it seemed impossible. I remembered the coach as an option from a way back when […]


Sunday Brunch

Nov 17, 2013 - Autumn, Breakfast, Lunch - 0 Comments - Standard

Maluca Brasserie in Hoylake From the top: flower arrangement / orange juice, Alhambra beer / eggs royale, eggs benedict


The Dome / Edinburgh

Nov 11, 2013 - Autumn, Dinner, Eating out, Winter - 0 Comments - Standard Starter: haggis wrapped in filo pastry with whiskey cream Main: lamb with broad beans, shallots, potatoes and a red currant jus Desert: mango and passionfruit bavarois


Mandaaaaa / Parmesan lemon spaghetti

Nov 03, 2013 - Autumn, Dinner, Lunch - 0 Comments - Standard

Boss that This Halloween weekend I’ve been in Scotland babysitting. I’ve dodged the soul crushing hangover, and I’ve spent most of today eating smoked salmon and cake in what was the end of the wedding celebration that I was babysitting for. Tonight while you were scrubbing off your glittery face paint in preparation for work tomorrow, I […]